Key project of Anhui Province in 2021 -- longyuanmingzhu prefabricated building science and Technology Industrial Park started

Time : 2021-03-29

threemonthtwenty-sevenOn the morning of the 12th, longyuanmingzhu prefabricated construction technology industrial park was the "host": Anhui Province accelerated the implementation of innovation driven development strategytwo thousand and twenty-oneXuancheng Branch of the mobilization meeting for the third batch of major projects to implement the "six stabilities" was solemnly held in the industrial park project plot.

Kong Xiaohong, deputy secretary of Xuancheng municipal Party committee and mayor of Xuancheng municipal government, Yu Jingbo, member of Standing Committee of Xuancheng municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, Ning Wei, Wang Pu, vice mayors of Xuancheng municipal government and other relevant leaders of Xuancheng municipal government attended the activity. Luo Yongfu, vice president of Longyuan Group, Lu Jiong, chairman of Longyuan Mingzhu, and Pei chuanfei, general manager were invited to attend the ceremony.

Yuanming building science and Technology Parktwo thousand and twentyyeareightmonth正式落户宣城市,项目由集团全资子公司龙元明筑科技有限责任公司负责建设运营,总投资约fifteenIt covers the manufacturing and R & D of steel structure, exterior protection, interior decoration and other core components, and is committed to building a new professional industrial park with intelligent manufacturing and integration of production, learning and research. Relying on the latest assembly technology developed by Longyuan, the project introduces a large number of intelligent production lines, covering the design and manufacturing of core parts and components such as structure, enclosure and interior decoration. Planning land for Industrial Parkfive hundredMu, divided into two phases, total investmentfifteenone hundred million yuan. It is estimated that it can serve the Yangtze River Delta region after reaching the production capacityone hundred万平方的钢结构装配式建筑建设,year产值超fifteenone hundred million yuan.

Kong Xiaohong pointed out in his speech that this kick-off mobilization meeting is a concrete action to speed up the implementation of innovation driven strategy and is a guarantee for the success of the projectIt is an important measure to make a good start in the development of the "14th five year plan" and a mobilization order for the city to pay close attention to projects, expand investment and stabilize growth. He said that project construction is the main focus of economic work. We should transform today's new projects into tomorrow's real productivity and development competitiveness as soon as possible, and celebrate the founding of the party with outstanding achievementsone hundred周year。

Luo Yongfu expressed his sincere thanks to Xuancheng municipal Party committee and government for their great attention and support. Xuancheng Industrial Park project is the strategic investment deployment of Longyuan Construction Group in the core business area of Yangtze River Delta. It will give full play to the regional advantages of Xuancheng in Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, and further strengthen the radiation driving ability. Astwo thousand and twenty-oneyear全省第三批贯彻“六稳”重大项目之一,公司有信心、有决心将龙元明筑产业园做优做精、做大做强,让装配式核心技术在宣城焕发光彩,为宣城融入长三角一体化高质量发展作出积极贡献。

With the leaders and guests participating in the activities, the spade was shovelled together to shovel the first shovel of soil that symbolizes hope. The foundation for the third batch of key projects in Xuancheng was concentrated on the construction of the foundation, marking the start of the construction project of the assembly type building science and Technology Industrial Park of Long Yuan Ming.

The construction of the industrial park is based on the group's strategic development and business plan. It will enhance the company's steel structure assembly capacity scale, meet the capacity demand of steel structure assembly orders in the future, facilitate the rapid development of the group in the steel structure assembly business field, seize the industry development opportunity, and enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness. Longyuanmingzhu will continue to cultivate its technology, and make every effort to build an industry benchmark demonstration professional industrial park of intelligent manufacturing and industry university research integration for building industrialization, so as to inject innovation power into enterprises and add new momentum to the city's high-quality development!

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