The Forum on new formats of urban development sponsored by Longyuan Group was successfully held -- seeking development opportunities in the process of urban renewal

Time : 2021-03-18

Urbanization is in the ascendant, and a large number of new forms of public goods and services are born in cities all the time. In order to explore the new business forms and future trends of urban development, Longyuan Group invited many experts with rich experience in the field of urban infrastructure construction to share their views on the future development trend of cities, and jointly discuss the group's role in urban infrastructure and public services Space and opportunity for the field to make a difference.

        The Forum on new formats of urban development sponsored by Longyuan Group was held in Longyuan Group on March 16, 2021. The guests included Li Xinghua, President of China Institute of communications, Tongji University; he Wanpeng, President and chief researcher of Shanghai foreshore Emerging Industries Research Institute; Xu cunfu, director of Policy Research Office of Shanghai housing and Urban Rural Development Management Commission; and architectural design and Research Institute of Tongji University( Zeng Qun, vice president of Tongji Group Co., Ltd., Song Wei, deputy general manager of Hangzhou urban construction and Development Group Co., Ltd., Jiang Haobo, assistant president and vice president of Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd., Zhai Dong, vice president of Municipal Engineering Design Institute of Tongji University Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd., professor and doctoral advisor of School of architecture of Southeast University, and Shanghai ziyunzhaijian Tong Ming, the architect in charge of building studio, Kang Hongen, the president of Shanghai Xiangrui real estate group, ye Jiansheng, the founder and CEO of yanniao capital, Shen Yiren, the general manager of green city Aijing landscape, and Liu Fei, the senior partner of Shanghai jintiancheng law firm. Lai Chaohui, President of Longyuan Group, management of business lines and general managers of some subsidiaries participated in the discussion.

At the meeting, Lai Zhaohui expressed his gratitude to all the guests for their coming and their strong support for the Forum on new business forms of urban development held by Longyuan, and introduced the transformation of Longyuan Group and some thoughts on this field. The person in charge of some member units of Longyuan Group respectively introduced the urban renewal related business currently being explored.

The guests had a heated discussion on the opportunities and challenges Longyuan faced in the field of urban renewal, the development direction and ideas suitable for Longyuan, and the implementation path. Based on their own practical experience and ideas on urban development trend, combined with the development status of Longyuan Group, experts put forward many suggestions, including grasping the situation and policies, paying attention to the people's livelihood needs and urban quality improvement, exploring urban micro renewal, etc. it is suggested that the group can start from small projects, through practice, evaluation and focus, and find a differentiated development path that fits with its own resources .

The national "fourteenth five year plan" and the draft of 2035 long-term goal outline clearly put forward the implementation of urban renewal action, which is of great significance to meet people's needs for a better life. As a private enterprise committed to building a domestic first-class investment and construction operator of urban infrastructure and public services, Longyuan Group will continue to pay attention to all kinds of development needs in the process of urban renewal, adding strength to urban development.

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